Our storefront is closed, but we are still “Open for business” via the phone and website. I deliver into the Springfield area a few times a week and will meet customers at pre-arranged place with your order.

Stock up on your favorite Spices available in 8oz. containers or in bulk: please see the price list on the website, and call me to place an order.

Fall time is baking time, and we carry Non GMO Flours from King Arthur and Wheat Montana in 10lbs. and 50lb. bags (if you need bulk). Stock up before the holidays!!

We still have your favorite Ground Beef in stock- 10 x 1lbs. on special for $52.00- place your order today.

Shea Butter and Goatsmilk Soap are on hand for those who can’t live without it- get your order in soon.

We will still pack Buckets of grains, beans, rice and cereals for long term storage- see our price list on the website. Mylar bags & oxygen absorbers on are available for those who do-it-themselves.

Call 417-501 1054 or e-mail us,, If you wish to place an order. We are still here to help you and offer you basic, healthy food choices..

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Long & Medium Term Buckets

Bulk Storage List

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Storage Items

Spice List

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