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Watch this spot for NEW ITEMS and Show details we are planning for 2016. Hope you will join us on your journey to “Get Prepared” this year!!

We are pleased to announce that we have our very own PURE RAW HONEY from our hives in Strafford FOR SALE: $24.00/ 40oz. Quart, $12.50/ 20oz.Pint and $7.00/ 10oz.half pint. Please call 417-501 1054 to order or buy it at the Farmers Market.

OCTOBER heralds the fall, and FARMERS MARKET of the OZARKS enters the winter season. We will be under the pavilion at Republic Road, Springfield (off the 60 James River freeway, between the Hilton Gardens & Houlihans). Hours are: Saturday 8am -1pm, and we are OPEN IN WINTER as the pavillion is closed and heated. WEDNESDAY MORNINGS are finished until 2017. Hope to see you there-please check our FACEBOOK page for market cancellations.

The next show we will be vendors at is the RK PREPPER SHOW in Kansas City on Sat.1st and Sun.2nd OCTOBER, 2016. Please visit us to see how we can help you with LONG TERM MEAL PLANNING and other items, and enjoy the speakers too. (See the RK tab on the right for details).

We will be selling CANNED MEATS along with our canned Butter & Cheeese- see our new list under the EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS tab. This is our last show for 2016, and our canned goods will be ORDER ONLY for the next few months.

KING ARTHUR FLOURS- High Gluten & Natural All Purpose in stock, plus ORGANIC WHOLEWHEAT. (Available in 10lb. & 50lb. bags- see our price list). Guaranteed NON GMO by the supplier!
We also have several NEW items in stock- see our BULK LIST.

We are still selling BULK FOOD ITEMS in 25 and 50lb. bags or in BUCKETS for long term storage. Please click on the list above for updated prices. BACK IN STOCK at this time is EGG POWDER ,(and our meal plans will be been adjusted too).

SPICES– always needed for COOKING: take this opportunity to stock up &- click on the list above! NEW in stock is ANCHO POWDER, and our COUPON is back: Buy $25, & get $5 off

We deliver smaller quantities as well as bulk into the Springield area: * MINIMUM ORDER $25.00 *
I am usually in Springfield 2-3 times per week, and will meet you at a convenient pick-up location.

BULK ORDERS can be shipped on a pallet anywhere in the USA- call us for a quote when you place your order. We also do CUSTOM FAMILY ORDERS and deliver in Missouri- GLUTEN FREE is available too!

We also have access to your favorite GRASS FED GROUND BEEF $58.00 for 10lbs.- place your order today.

We stock Non GMO grains, beans & rice and some ORGANIC cereals for your good eating, plus other healthy options and favorites.

MYLAR bags & oxygen absorbers are available for those who do-it-themselves packing for emergencies. See our SPECIALS in stock now under the EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS tab.

Check out this article by Love your farmer!

Call 417-501 1054 or e-mail us at, if you wish to place an order. We are here to help you and offer you basic, healthy food choices.

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