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Local family owned business located in Springfield, Missouri.Started in March 2011. Our aim is bringing Bulk Foods & Whole Foods to this region, at very affordable prices. Our range of products include Non-Gmo, grass Fed Meats, Natural products & Organic. We also some Sugar free & Gluten free, so shoppers with Celiac’s disease, can buy some not so easy to find products. If we dont have it on the shelf we will be glad to special order it. Whether you just want to be in control of what it is in your foods, or browse and see yourself, We would be glad to serve you. We have branched out into Emergency Preparedness foods and packaging, for those wanting to store up foods and have water flitration for those next Ice Storms or whatever.We go out of our way to have NO artificial aromatics, flavorings, colorings, fillers, hidden chemicals, unless specified. We buy judiciously and feel free to ask us if unsure, we also believe that bringing healthy food to table does NOT mean more expensive necessarily.

We really believe that information is key to you being in control of what goes into your body. We know that to eat healthily takes effort and is inconvenient, but if we cna convince you that doing so will be in the BESGT long term interests of you and your family. So by preparing your own foods from scratch, & making the kitchen fun, and a place for families to have conversation and laughter, whilst making meals for today & also in bulk, for those days when it helps you, & you just need to heat it. At least you know YOU prepared it.

Our goals are:

  • To assist folks with home cooking from scratch, that they can be in control of bringing health and value to their food & bill.
  • To offer food in bulk, at best affordable value we can, in 5Lb-50Lb packages, Grains, Legumes, Sweeteners, Oils, Spices, Dried goods, Medium and Long Term Storage materials and equipment. We ship nationwide. NOTE: Best method is on a pallet to a business address, and making this as high a value as possible, this makes the shipping cost the lowest per pound of product.
  • Typically our clients buddy-up in the neighborhood, or have a larger family network  that they buy for as a group, even cook as a group.

The Retail Store Front has a lot more variety, Dip Mixes, Soup Mixes, Dehydrated Vegetables, Dehydrated Fruits. Nuts, Preserves, Jams, Local Honey, Jellies, Frozen Vegetables & Fruits. Local pasture raised Meats- Chicken, Pork, Beef, also fresh vegetables in season.

Check out our bulk food list. If you would like to place an order you can do so online, by phone – 417-501-1054, or fill out our contact form.

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Long & Medium Term Buckets

Long  Term Buckets. 0.9mm Thick with Lids n Food Grade Gasket

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Storage Items

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