Nov 252012

Make a 5 day meal plan on a 30 day rotation.  (Excel is good, and remember everyone’s is different)

The Devil is in the details, make it detailed and clear, so that if you are out of it, someone else could prepare this on your behalf. The plate/portion size important. Why 5 days? it is easeir to fit into 365 that 7. Why 30days? it is easier that month by month. you can vary this baqsic plan with spices. No substitutions as your larder will not allow it. Check each meal calory count Minumum is 1200 calories for survival, 2200 calories for living sustainably, with moderate daily exertion.

Next, make up a list of the groups of people you could be caring for, I call it Tiers.  For example.

Tier 1 – immediate people & pets in your household.   = 4

Tier 2 – Tier 1 plus, Your family that would probably migrate towards you & a neighbour etc,  =14

Tier 3 – All the above,  and  add toehr relatives, collegues, maybe some elderly you know, some neighbours, some others that are calling you idiot and paranoid.  = 31

It add up quickly.

This list is Private to You. keep it that way only let your Tier one know about it