Apr 222012

This is a tough subject to generalize upon because of peoples preferred tastes etc, however let me just say that whatever you store, make sure you and your family is eating it, otherwise your digestive system might rebel.

I have divided this into 2 basic groups: The bulking foods (starch & carbs mainly) & the energy and muscle maintainers (protein foods).

  • The Big 4 Bulking Foods – Rice, Corn, Wheat, Potato
    • Which is not GM modified, which lasts the best, which is the most versatile and portable.
    • My winner – non GM rice. Can bake, boil, fry, make bread with, even as a dessert.
  • The Energy Maintainers – The protein guys – beans, meat, fish.
    • My winner – beans, versatile. Also use wheat to make wheat gluten & beef cubes for meat flavor. Eat meat & fish that is smoked, canned, dried (like Biltong or Pemacin), pickled is just fine but takes a lot of effort and needs delicate storage as most times it is in glass.

Life giver – water. Minimum of 1/2 gallon per person per day for ingestion, plus 1 gallon for personal hygiene needs. This is the most important nourishment item. You can go without food but not without water. Plan this first!

2 Meals/ day consisting of 5 Oz per meal per person (+-1200Calories) = 228Lbs per person per year.

Calculate your family needs, than add your direct family, than add for friends, and those idiots you will have compassion for. IT ADDS UP QUICK.

My rule of thumb: normal family size times 4 for 2 years, stored in many locations, is your best hedge for survival.

A mixture of dehydrated, freeze dried, M.R.E., dried foods, is a good suggestion.

This is where spices come in, with spices you will get flavor, taste & improve texture. Store enough in smaller batches at various locations.  (check out our basic suggested spice list)

Concentrated whole milk powder- 1lb. Chili Powder -8oz.
Whole dried egg-1/2lb. Curry powder-8oz
Corn starch-1lb. Chopped onion-8oz.
 Instant potato flakes-2lbs. Ground cumin-8oz.
Dehydrated potato pieces-2lbs. Italian seasoning-6oz.
Dehydrated vegetable pieces-1/2lb. Minced dry garlic-8oz.
Natural dried vegetable mix-1/2lb. Medium ground Black pepper-8oz.
Beef broth-1/2lb. Oregano (cut & sifted)-4oz.
Chicken broth-1/2lb. Parsley-5.5oz.
Bay leaves-1.6oz. Purified sea salt-2lbs.
 Basil leaves-4oz. Natural sea salt-1lb.
BBQ seasoning-8oz. Taco Seasoning-8oz.
Cinnamon-8oz. SPICES  

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